Staff Picks

At Night, Look Up

Did you know South Florida has its own Amateur Astronomers Association? If you’re looking for things to do right in Sunrise, you can visit this association’s Fox Astronomical Observatory. They host public viewings every Saturday night, and because those viewings can run until midnight, you’ll be happy to be close to the Sawgrass Grand when the event is concluded.

The observatory has its own telescopes, and even one that will project real-time images from the scope onto a screen indoors—which means you’ll never have to fight over a telescope to see what’s happening in the sky. There are usually several other observers who bring their own viewing equipment, and perhaps they would be willing to show you whichever constellation or planet they have captured in their scope. One of the best features of the Fox Astronomical Observatory is its knowledgeable and passionate staff, who would love to tell you all about the celestial bodies that you’re viewing. Education and a shared viewing experience are the most important aspects of these nights, which is why guests are encouraged to attend and enjoy them, absolutely free!